mercredi 6 avril 2011

White crochet cushion giveaway

I woke up early, as i always do on week days. I light a fire in the fireplace, made coffee and here i am spending a few precious moments sitting with my computer and browsing trough some beautiful blogs. I love to discover new ones that will make my heart miss a beat and will make me gasp with delight. I found this lovely blog while visiting one of my favorite places. Helen of Helen's colorful crochet is having a lovely spring giveaway. If you wish to enter, simply click on the link and see what she has in store for you....or me...^_^
Julie of Swedish House says of Helen :
Helen makes the most beautifully crocheted Cath Kidston inspired blankets & cushions
You can see and read all about the one she made for me here

Helen would be delighted receive an order
and assist you in your requirements

So i think a visit to her blog is a must for crochet lovers, Cath kidston's fans and granny blankets devotees.
Now i am off to visit some more lovely places before i get back to my days work. I made several new Matryoshka dolls yesterday and would love to finish them today. I also started working on a new project and if i like the end results, i may be making another one and offer it as a giveaway. Spring is here and giveaways are such a  wonderful way to celebrate and share. So stay tuned my lovelies ♥
I might be back soon.

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Blondie's Journal a dit…

How are you?! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Thanks so much for the link...I love Cath Kidston!


~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Have a haPpY HapPY midweek, sweetest Monique xxxx


Hej Monique

How are you? I haven't stopped by here for a while...
Thank you for your kind words and link. Isn't it a beautiful cushion?
Good luck in the drawer ;-)
Now I will rest a while here and catch up on your posts.
Glad Pask/Joyeux Pacques
Happy Easter
Wishing you a Blessed Easter