vendredi 1 avril 2011

summer tote

summer tote by anna_titi
summer tote, a photo by anna_titi on Flickr.
I made several summer totes during the month of March. I love doing totes and wish to make more. This one was made using vintage bed sheets i found in a nearby charity shop.
As you can see, i adorned the back  using a piece of linen and a lovely tape handmade by wonderful Anna Barrow of Lillalotta. I have a considerable collection of her charming tapes, but will undoubtedly buy more. Did you see her new collection ? It is to die for !
This tote is still in my shop. New ones will come later.
Hope your week end is good ♥

6 commentaires:

andrea creates a dit…

so pretty! i love the tapes too :)

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

I love love love my tote, sweet friend. It's in my kitchen, so I get a glimpse of it a million times a day! The weather is almost perfect for wearing my new friend!
Have a haPpY HaPPy weekend, plus chère Monique. Bisous

Wasabi Honey Bee a dit…

I love the fabric, or shall I say sheet : ) and the tea cups are such a perfect addition!!

Scented Sweetpeas a dit…

Wow it looks lovely, what an exciting new direction for your gorgeous shop :-) xxx

Happybee a dit…

It looks great!!!! BRAVO!!!!

buyaionaccounts a dit…

Pretty color and a lovely tape for decor, just wonderful i love it. The tea cups are so adorable, it matches the elegant prints.