vendredi 19 novembre 2010

Christmas giveaway

I had so much fun making linen apples and pears, that i thought i would make some more to offer as a giveaway. Christmas is in the air and those 2 would surely add a festive touch to your decor. But you can also use these year long, that is the fun part. All you have to do to participate is simply visit my shop, then come back to leave a comment here, letting me know what you like best. I will draw a winner on december 7th. I will also add extra christmas goodies, but that is a surprise you will get to see only when you unwrap your goodie package.
Have fun ♥

40 commentaires:

Blondie's Journal a dit…

Your little bunnies are adorable...I love Lorenzo and Eugene!! You have an incredible imagination. I would love to win the cute pear and apple. They will look good all year long in my home. So creative!

Thanks for the generous giveaway!


Sam I Am a dit…

I love them ALL!!! Such a sweet softness to everything.. makes me wish I could fill my house with everything from your etsy shop :)

Paula a dit…

Hello sweet Monique! I hope you are doing better and have got a little rest in between all of your creating!!! Oh, it was so hard to decide what I like best… all the muffinpies and your mouse are so SWEET! I will have to say Daisy Muffinpie is my favorite. The apple and pear you made from linen are beautiful!!! You are so creative sweet friend! Thank you for having such a generous giveaway! I hope you have a good and productive weekend! Be sure to take a break and relax too!!! Sending you love and hugs, Paula

Coco Rose Diaries a dit…

Oh, wow, what a beautiful Christmas giveaway and what a completely gorgeous shop you have! It's really quite hard to say what is best. I love the la pommes, the vroom tape key holder is completely scrummy, but the best of all...has to be a toss up between Daisy Muffinpie and Carlos Rodriguez. Daisy Muffinpie has gorgeous hair that reminds me of a little victorian girl. She has such a kind little face. Being a lone female in a house full of males, I don't get to indulge in any girls toys around the house and I'm such a girly girl! Boo hoo! But, Carlos has such a cheeky little face and has a stripy top in my favourite colour combo, he might just have pipped poor little Daisy Muffinpie to the post! he he!

Have a super rest of a day!

Vanessa xxx


Hello dear

Here I am. I visited your beautiful shop. There are many favourite things there, but I love the linen cookie biscuits pouch the best. Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas giveaway Monique. I hope you are well and looking forward to the festive season


Nancy Malay a dit…

I love all of you sweet creations, but those "Muffinpie" girls are the best - LOVE them!

What a great giveaway!


The French Bear a dit…

Love the reindeer bag!!!! The gingerbread men are sweet, but I do love the pear!!!!!!
Your work is gorgeous!!!
Margaret B

andrea creates a dit…

everything in your shop is so super cute and sweet-i love all of the apples ,pears and dolls-this one's really cute:
:-oh i love everything in your shop...
have a super weekend :)

Mattydolls a dit…

I love all your creations..but my favorite are the Muffinpies...I love them!!

Love the apple and pear giveaway!

salty pebble a dit…

how wonderful...ive just visited as i do alot anyway ;0) and you have soooo many beautiful things ;0)i love your christmasy styles...and missy philomena buttons muffinpie- sooo adorable!
i keep my fingers, toes n all sorts crossed with such a glimmer of fairy hope i might win ;0)x
you have bundles of talent you lovely lady xxxx best wishes xxxx

SocksAndMittens a dit…

Monique, everything is so beautiful in your store, it is hard to choose. I love this one especially

Amy A a dit…

I love all of it! I have a lonely little Muffinpie so I think a friend would be my choice, I like Maisy the best :)

Gill a dit…

I love all the fruit in your shop -especially the ones part linen and part patterned fabric!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears a dit…

I LOVE Maisy Muffinpie! I've actually had my eye on her for a bit. But, then again, I love all of your Muffinpies (I guess that's why I have one!).

I LOVE the pear and apple and would love to win them, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Heaps of Hugs,

Pfiffigste a dit…


visiting you blog, first time,
gives me happy time.

I visitetd your shop and my favourite is the pear. It looks gerat and nearly perfekt.


PEA a dit…

Everything is just adorable! Sandy sent me and I am so happy she did!
P.s. Peonies are my fav flower too.

Digital Misfit a dit…

Your shop is beautiful!
I love sweet Philomena-Buttons. She looks lovely in her crochet cowl and curly red hair.

Scented Sweetpeas a dit…

oohh had a look at your shop and as you know i love love love all your muffinpies but also the petite houses or very cute too. In fact I love it all :-) xxx

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonjour Monique, just found your lovely blog through fb. The first glimpse is a gorgeous one, off now to read some of your past posts and clicking the 'follow button'. This giveaway is awesome, j'adore des pommes et pears and the color palette you used is perfectly pretty!
Have a bon dimanche! xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

I just twittered your basket full of darling houses!
The red white gingham apples are way too cute.
Bonne nuit pour toi. It's Sunday morning in my little corner ^_~

Unknown a dit…

I love every one of your creations! I especially love eugene the snowman though at the moment!!!

Rowena xxx

Joji a dit…

What a wonderful shop you have and a nice giveaway too. I love all the linen pieces you do. The biscuit bag really is my favorite.

Dolci Fusa a dit…

I've just dicovered your blog and shop!
How cute items!
I especially love the Xmas ornaments, most of all Cookie Dough and Angus Snow.


Ahama a dit…

Hi Gran'ma :)
I like very much all of your creatures. You have a special style. What I like most is the paintings of the faces and my favorite is Daisy Muffinpie.
Thanks for the giveaway, and have a great pre-Xmas time with baby Jacob. It'll be a very special Christmas :)).

andrea creates a dit…

so nice of you to stop by~and for your acorn offer! I will let you know-I'm determined to find them around here :)
Take care....

Faded Plains a dit…

Are you kidding...there's no way I could just pick one thing I like from your etsy...because I loved everything...your Muffinpies...the apples...the pears...the houses...the totes...everything is just beautiful. Thank you so much for the chance!

Country Livin' a dit… put my little burlap goodies to shame.........the pear and apple are absolutely gorgeous!! you are definitely a pro!!
Trish xo

Bizuteria-handmade a dit…

That is amazing.... I speak not so good English, so i can only say that.... WOW!

Junk Loving Girl a dit…

I adore the linen pincushion!


tialys a dit…

Hello Monique, I love the way the music comes on when I look at your blog! Of course, I love your Muffinpies, I have already adopted my own! But I think your fabric apples are adorable - although I have a soft spot for those little pumpkins in the 'distressed' orange and funny face. I hope you are keeping well. Lynnx

winterludes a dit…

hello, i like all your creation, but my favorite one is alastair forestling. it's the first time i'm coming here, but not the last.

oldgreymare a dit…

I am lovin' on the linen pears. Pears are always a favorite of mine and linen is the ultimate fabric for me.

Congrats on your PRIM article. I had actually bought that issue and now I will go back and look at it in greater detail.

Thanks for stopping by oldgreymare, I love the company.


pippirose a dit…

My favourite is Melvin Snow.
He's darling!
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Deborah Guthrie a dit…

I'm so glad I dropped by to have a look. You are in my favorites but it's been a bit since I visited. The snowmen always steal my heart but cookie dough is pretty darn cute. Love your work.

Becky J. a dit…

ok. the muffinpies are my most favoritest.....

Anonyme a dit…

I like the Shabby chic linen pouch. JD

Lille Diane a dit…

Everything is sweet enough to eat or live in. I am particularly enamored with the Matryoshka dolls especially the one with the green heart. Carlos Rodriguez has my heart, too. Sigh.... Lovely~

Christy a dit…

Aside from your totally adorable muffin pie dolls I love Melvin the snowman!

Thank you for the giveaway chance. :)


bONJOUR Monique

I would LOVE to be entered for your giveaway.
Peche poire pomme abricot...
reminds me of the petite comptine francaise ;-)
Thank you
Merci beaucoup

P.S. I will be doing a Christmas giveaway tomorrow... please check back if you like


Me again!
I forgot to say I LOVE the understated simplicity of the natural linen Pomme et Poire...
But everything is lovely ;-)