mardi 1 juin 2010

Who wins ?!?

Hello to all my dearest. I hope you are all having a wonderful tuesday. Today is the day i am going to announce the winner and i know that some of you reading this must be pretty excited to know what name i will pick. First of all, i wish to express my thanks to all who joined in this giveaway. I feel really blessed by all the sweet comments and good birthday wishes i received from all of you. It is so rewarding to meet such nice people, i hope we can all continue to keep in touch. I have met so many great people on the web, some of them with whom i became very close. My heart was pounding so hard when i picked a name and i wished it were possible to make everyone of you here a winner. I will make other giveaways throughout the year, so next time, it could be you, who knows ?ok so.... ready to know who is the lucky lady this time ??? The purple grasshopper.Norma, you are the new mom of little Geraldine ! Many congrats to you. Here is a picture of Geraldine with the extra surprise i promised. Hoping you will love your extra gift and little Geraldine. I will have your package wrapped and shipped to you as soon as possible.
Again, a HUGE thank you to all participants and also for all your lovely and touching comments.

♥ love you all dearly

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Baggaraggs: a dit…

I was hoping that I would Win. LOL Congratulations to Geraldine. (SORTA anyway) HUGS, Robin

lori vliegen a dit…

congratulations to norma......i know she must be SO excited that sweet little geraldine is coming home to live with her!!

and happy birthday to you!! i've been snooping around your blog and discovered that we have lots in common.....i turned 30/20 this year, too, and i'm a HUGE fan of anna and her lovely tapes and artwork and blog (actually, i've been living vicariously through her for a while now.....). thank you for stopping by my's great to meet you! :)))

Morgan a dit…


Scented Sweetpeas a dit…

Congrats to Norma but bums how I wanted to give little Geraldine a home.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea a dit…

Congrats to the winner!

Mónica a dit…

Ohh, congrats for she and for your creative hands :) adorable doll.
Have a sunny day. hugs

lillalotta a dit…

Many congratulations to Norma! Such a great Give Away!! xxx

the puRple gRasshoppeR a dit…

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! om my gosh!!!!!!!! this is sooooooo exciting!!!!! I can't stop jumping!!!!! horray!!! thanks so much !!! I can't believe it !!!! LOve her love her Love Her!!!!!
Thank you Monique your dolls are such a treasure and Geraldine is coming to a loving home!!

Norma !!

Becky J. a dit…

norma is one lucky girl! maybe next time for me--
oh, happy birthday too!!

Christy a dit…

congrats to the lucky winner!!

e.d a dit…

oh nooo :) I can't believe my eyes. Normally, I don't have a jealous personality but now I have to confess I'm jealous...relaxxx calmm :)