dimanche 18 octobre 2009

Finnigan's Market

Everyday saturday is Finnigan's market for the quaint little town of Hudson, QC. Many vendors gather there each week end to sell their products, from baked goods, to dried flowers, antiques and crafts. And once or twice each year, i love to go and sell my dolls and handmade sweets. Yesterday was particularly cold. I woke up early to find a hard frost covering the ground and thought it wise to wear my winter boots and coat. I also brought a thick wooll blanket to wrap myself when i get some free time to sit down a bit. The sun, a bit shy i must say, managed to warm us during the afternoon. Nevertheless, the crisp autumn air made me feel good and i was happy to spend some time outdoors, admiring the beauty of the surroundings. The trees are still spectacular, but soon the remaining of the leaves will sadly fall to the ground. We must really make the most of what is left of this beautiful season, the snow may start covering the ground anytime. Here in Quebec, we never know when winter will surprise us. One christmas, i could sit outside wearing only a light sweater, there was no snow and the grass was still green. But i admit that was very unusual.

My day at the market was really fun and i met some very wonderful and friendly people, venders and buyers. It is a good place to make sales , but also to promote my shop and my coming christmas show. I handed out many business cards, hoping that some of those who seemed pleased by my crafts, will come at my show in december. From the moment my summer vacation were over, i practically locked myself inside my sewing room, making muffinpies, cute little pouches and halloween stuff. One of my favorite was Romilda the witch and she was adopted very quickly. I felt a bit sad to part with her, but then i can always make another one for me...If i ever find the time. Having time, i wonder if i know what this really means. ( smiles ) Starting this week, i must work double shift making christmas stuff for my show, i have 8 muffinpies to finish for a sweet lady in Louisiana ( a true fan of my muffinpies i should say! ) and i must take care of my shop as well. All that and the house chores, shopping for chritsmas, cooking for christmas. Boy, when will i have the time to shop for clothes or even to have haircut ! My wardrobe is in a poor critical state as for my hair.... well...I can find no words...Ok, i promised to find some time and go for my hair soon. In the meantime, before i end this conversation with you, i urge you to pay a little visit to pepperberry and Co.
she is having a very fun giveaway. ok for now, i must go do some cooking, my daughter Maude is coming over for supper.
Until next time my friends, i hope you are all having a very lovely week end ♥

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Blondie's Journal a dit…

I so wish I could have been at the market. It sounds like so much fun! And as you know, winters in Chicago are predictable...cold, cold, cold!! So, I would have dressed properly and been fine.

I wish I could see your beautiful projects in person. The muffinpies look precious on your blog. And you sound SO busy!! You must make time for yourself, even if it is to paint your nails...lol!!

I so enjoyed your post and look forward to another. Enjoy your Sunday and dinner with your Maude! :-)



I love Romilda - she's gorgeous - lucky YOU!


Becky J. a dit…

i love maude. so cute....hope you find the time to make a maude dos. :)

Grace Garton a dit…

Fantastic!! I wish I could have been there in person too!! Love the display!!
I can smell the coffee from here.


Unknown a dit…

Cool ta sorcière mom! T'aime! On s'appelle bientot je suis un peu plus relax maintenant! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx