lundi 10 août 2009

Lost at sea

Well...I am back from my sailing trip. I was away 2 weeks rather than 4. Our trip did not really turned out the way we wished it would. We never reached destination. :( After our third day of our"voyage ", the sailboat engine gave out on us. Now, some of you reading this will say, " but it is a sailboat, no need for an engine ? " All sailboat needs an engine. Ours was a 4 cylinder, a big machine weighing 400 pounds. To reach our destination, it takes 3 to 4 days and we must use the engine. We had to follow a channel much too narrow for sailing. To make the story short, there was a big oil spill on the cabin floor, the engine was losing oil very quickly. It is a good thing i decided to go down to get something. I can only imagine how much more terrible things would have turned out if i saw the problem later. My husband stopped everything soon as i told him. We had to call the coast guard and were towed and taken to a marine shop where our boat is still there, waiting. We stayed there for almost 2 weeks, hoping the engine would be fixed soon, hoping it was nothing serious. It took days before we could find someone who knew about inboard diesel engine. The expert said it would have to be taken out of the boat and send to another shop for repairs. The list is long, it has to be completely rebuild. It will take close to 2 weeks before all is fixed. So our daughters came by car to pick us up and we headed back home, leaving our sailboat behind. There ends our trip... We will have to go back, next week, or the week after and sail back home.
Hubby is sad. He was so excited to leave. I feel sad too, but at least we are safe.
So... I reopened my shop and this week, while i am home, i will list some dolls and work on some new ideas. Summer is still here and even if we are not sailing, i want to make the most of the warm weather and enjoy the pool.
I will be back soon i hope with pictures of more muffinpies and raggedies and cute little houses i made in july.
It is getting late. I must go to bed. Although i think i will go for a dive in the pool before i put my jams on. It is very hot and humid tonight. The cool water will help me put to sleep...
Nightie night my dear friends ♥

4 commentaires:

Ahama a dit…

mmm, I'm sorry to read this :(
I hope your boat gets well soon.
But there is no time for sadness, summer is so short, enjoy it!!!!

Sleepandhersisters a dit…

I am glad you are back safe and sound, and sorry your trip was cut short.

Ulla V. a dit…

Oh, what a sad way to end your's never funny when something you have looked forward to goes wrong. But what a good thing that you found out about the oil spill in time, and that you are both well. :))
I hope you get to take the trip another time and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

And to go have a swim in your pool sounds wonderful. I wish we had a pool - our children (and us) would love it. ;))

Grace Garton a dit…

Boy what a bummer about the engine...lucky though you where able to get towed to safety and you weren't to far out to sea.
I remember in our mirror sailing dinghy we were on a beach and the wind and sea had picked up and we couldn't get a lousy split pin in the rudder. I had to weigh the front end of the boat down to stop it from flipping over. in the end we gave up and Bf called his dad who took us home:(
Like all the new muffins in your shop.
Lili has a lovely spot on our bookshelf and is surrounded by lots of friends!