jeudi 7 mai 2009

Last week, i have been really sick. Well, it kind of started slowly last thursday with a scratchy dry throat and it felt as though i was really thirsty. I took some vitamins and drank lots of water, but on saturday, it hit me real hard. I felt terrible. I was coughing badly and my nose congestion got to a point where i thought i could hit my head on the wall to make the pain go away. I stayed home all week, did not go to work ( hubby's orders ) . Hubby even insisted i go to the hospital, but i refused. We almost got into a fight. I am such a pig head, but then i knew i could at least try and heal myself. Once you are sick, there isn't much to do, but eat properly, drink lots of water and rest, rest, rest.
I do not remember being so sick before, except when i had my pneumonia many years ago. I am not totally healed, but i think i am on the right track... A few days ago, as i got up for breakfast, i had a very pleasant surprise. As i looked out the living room window, i could see something pink on my tree. i took a closer look and i just went: Ooooooh, is that a magnolia ?!? Yes, Yes, it is a magnolia !!! I was so happy and excited i told everybody to come have a look . Since i moved into this new house last october, i was wondering what kind of tree it was. I thought the foliage was very pretty and in the winter, pretty furry buds formed on the branches. My sister told me it was a willow, because of those cute buds. I wasn't really convinced, but she had a point there. Well, well, i will have to tell her she was wrong. Aren't these flowers beautiful ?
This is an adirondack chair i painted last thursday. I have four of them and they all need a good makeoever. Hubby thought they would look good all in bright happy colors. So we bought blue, yellow and bright green. I started with the blue, because i love blue best i think. I really love the end result. I am going to put three of the four near the pool and the fourth will stay on the terrace. Maybe the blue one ? I would love to make pillow seats, but have to find some nice fabrics. I am open to any suggestion as to the fabric pattern. I am still on the look out. Yesterday was a rainy day and i spent much of the day working in my studio. I am working on my giveaway project, so stay in touch, because the giveaway is coming soon. I am also working on some more muffin pie dolls.( by the way, 2 of them are flying to England tomorrow morning. Lucky girls. ) I am also working on a bunch of raggedies and other dolls. I want to make as much as possible when the weather is still not that great, because i know i won't have as much time during the hot summer months.
Before i leave, i want to let you all know i entered a giveaway and i suggest you go take a peek. The surprise you win is a little creature named blockheads and they are super cute ! The blog is called crafty goodness
I hope you are all enjoying your day. See you next time !

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Naija a dit…

hi love these old styled chairs
and happy mothersday to you to

marit a dit…

A magnolia! I've never seen one in "real life"... but read a lot, and magnolias and gardenias seems to be a part of every other book...

I love the colour of your chair- it's so bright and summery!

Tahnks for the congrats- I've sent a mail to Anni, so I'm looking forward to the yarn. I picked SuperMerinoSockYarn-Bronze, really liked that colour.

I hope your cold/flu is getting better, being sick is never fun. In Norwegian we say: God bedring:-D

Wanda a dit…

Hello there, I haven't been buy for a while, I am so sorry to hear you have been ill, that is no fun. I also noticed a change in the bolg format, I have been seeing that on a lot of blogs lately. I hope you are well and doing fine now.
I think your pink blooming tree is a form of tulip tree, I am not sure but most Magnolias have very thick long leaves.

Sleepandhersisters a dit…

I am sad to hear you were not feeling so good. I love the chairs!!! and have enjoyed catching up with your blog while I have been away.

annax a dit…

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you Monique!

Goodness, you really did seem very unwell. I hope you are on the mend and back to your old self in no time.

Of course having such beautiful flowers in view might make you feel better. I know I am like that. Flowers and blossom and blue sky, things like that, make me grin like a child, and I get all happy. Haha... I was always easily pleased.

Your chairs are b e a u t i f u l, by the way.
Just wanted to pop around and sent you a virtual hug! xxx

Sam a dit…

Magnolias are such beautiful flowers. Hope you are feeling a little better.