mardi 21 avril 2009

swap goodies

I swapped once and it was really fun and nice to share something with someone else. Unfortunately, i lost track with this nice lady living somewhere in the USA. Than i swapped with Anna
and it was really, really special. Swapping is fun, especially if you still keep in touch with the person. I became very fond of Anna and i hope we can be real friends even if we are miles apart. I received her package way before i managed to send mine to her and i always meant to show you what delightful goodies she gave me. Here are all the lovely things i received from this oh ,so lovely friend.

I love the little birdie keychain she made, look at the sweet tea bag holder and you should smell the bag of "herbe de provence" and the tea !!! I did not taste the tea yet, simply because i love the package just the way it is and the smell invaded my studio, it is heavenly ! Soon i will have to indulge in a nice cup of tea in one of my best cup. Sorry, the chocolate is all gone, not one crumb remains, it was so yummy. And look at the sweet house she made. Isn't that ever adorable ? I hung it in a special place of my studio, so whenever i am there working, i can admire this adorable house and think of her. I feel privileged and very happy to have met her. Thank you Anna, you are a sweetheart!
I know, i was not suppose to blog, but to concentrate on some work. I'm going, I'm going !

4 commentaires:

Naija a dit…

when i join blogspot or blogger i meet many new people its fun

kimberly a dit…

I'm glad you blogged about this fun swap. Everything is adorable, especially the little house. Hope you get all your work done, I bet the chocolate helped. :)

Sue a dit…

Hello there! I'm who you first swapped with! :-) I still put my pumpkin head out every fall! And the Angel art you made is still in my studio! I should've read your blog sooner or dropped an email sooner. Sorry about that! Sue

Anonyme a dit…

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