mardi 24 mars 2009

A spring giveaway !!!

Hello everyone, i hope all of you are doing great and enjoying the first signs of spring. I know some of you , lucky ones, probably already started cleaning up flower beds and maybe even some of you started planting. Oh, i wish i lived in a place where winters would be much shorter. Spring is here too, but snow here melts in such a slow pace and days are not warming up quickly enough. It was still very cold this morning when i left for work. ( -8 ) I am longing for a warm spring breeze so i can sit in the sun and indulge in some vitamins. We are all very tired of the long winter that never seems to end. It is a good thing i have so many things to keep me busy inside. Last week, i have been sewing some pretty pencil case in various fabric and colors and i thought to myself ; " Ohhh, these would make a nice little givaway ! " I have been thinking of doing one for quite a while now, just could not make up my mind. So today, i am going to take pictures for you all to see and the winner will get the chance to choose one in the batch.
I will try and post by the end of today with all the details, so ladies, keep your eyes open !
** Have a great day everyone ! **

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ikkinlala a dit…

I'm wishing the snow would melt faster here, too - the driveway is muddy, but the rest of the yard still has more than two feet of snow.