vendredi 20 février 2009

quality time

I meant to give some time to my blog this week and i even beleived i would have the time to post in some pictures of things i have been knitting and sewing...Well, well, things do not always work as we wish they would. Hubby started the flu last week end and it got so bad, he had to stay home all week. I thought maybe he was contracting some serious case of bronchitis. So I fed him with homemade soup, herbal teas and made sure he was taking his medicine. He slept a lot...And baby boy manipulated mommy to come and share naps with him...Hum...Did not leave me much time for my projects. I managed to start painting my studio, but there is still much to finish. At least i started... He went back to work this morning, so i have a full day of freedom ! Awww, i am being mean here. He was not so bad, behaved very well actually and i have to see the positive side of it. I spent quality time with him, and i took some time to read ( twighlight ! Great book !! ) cuddled against him while he was napping. Haven't been reading a good book for so long. Last night i was really captivated by this vampire story. I love reading in my bed when the house is asleep and the night is still. Suddenly, i heard coyotes howling and i was convinced they were pretty near my house. I was shivering with a little fear and excitement ! Funny in a way... The howling was a perfect match to my scary, captivating reading.

After i finish this little post, i have to do some more painting in my studio. But i think i will also allow myself some free time this afternoon and finish my book and do some knitting. Next week, i hope my studio won't be such a mess anymore. I really need to get back to my sewing projects...

Hope everyone of you spend some good quality time with your loved ones this week end.

Be good ! :)
p.s. Don't worry, this is NOT my husband !!! Just a funny picture i found on the net. ( Smile )

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Unknown a dit…

Oh pauvre petit papa malade...j'espère qu'il est mieux maintenant! Et il faudra que je lise ce livre dès que je serai en vacances! Hihihi!


Anonyme a dit…

*smiles* Wonderful post!! So nice to visit here again!
Just like you I have been so busy with daily life, and there is no time at all to be online.... Now my children are all in school full time, I thought I was going to have more time to be online... *laughs*.... it is just not happening. And ofcourse the children have just returned to school again, after having been off for 2 weeks. It has been a mad house. But at least I am putting your package together as we speak. About time too. I am so terribly slow lately, I can't say how sorry I am enough. You are in my thoughts though, and I am hoping * wishing * crossing my fingers* that my package to you will make up for my long silence.

Sending many hugs!! And get better wishes to your poor poor husband (((( great pic))))) I swear my husband looked like that over Christmas when he did not leave his bed for three days with the flu :)

Annaxxx and family

Anonyme a dit…

Tout est si charmant ici...
J'espère que la grippe passera vite, il a l'air bien mal en point, ce bon monsieur !

Wanda a dit…

Just a quick visit to say Hi. You mentioned your studio being a mess. If you want to see a real mess pop over to my blog and look at my desk. Bon jour