jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Deep in snow

February is approaching rapidly and this is good news. Still a couple months before spring is here and i hope we won't get too many harsh weather temperatures. January has been quite cold, especially last week with some -38. I was glad i did not have to go out much. It's been snowing every week, sometimes just a few flakes, but still, it is always so beautiful to see the snow falling gently. There is another snowfall this morning and it is very windy. As i am writing here, i peek through the window and look at the snow drifting in huge white clouds. We had a lot of snow this winter...I should go skiing. Have to find my skis. It is still such a mess in the basement. Many boxes unpacked and i feel too lazy to clean the place. Have other things in mind. I am actually working on a few orders and one of them is just about ready to be shipped. I just hope the lady who receives it will enjoy her purchase. I would be devastated to learn of a client's disappointement.

I received a bird feeder this year for x-mas. I was really happy, because i did not have any and i always loved feeding birds and watching them flying around happily. I do not understand though. Something is really strange. My husband fixed it outside almost a month ago now. i filled it with sunflower seeds and waited impatiently...Nothing....Not one single bird came. The funniest thing is, i see them ! They come on bushes nearby and i can hear their chirping. Don't they like my seeds ? I even fixed a whole block of suet filled with nuts and fruits and i told hubby, " now with this yummy snack,they won't be able to resist very long "...Nothing...Still no bird... I scratched my head, frowning in wonder... Maybe they decided to boycott my feeder ? Or maybe the lady who lived here before was a bad witch ? A bird killer ? Hummm, maybe i am getting carried away with my, oh so fertile imagination ? Hubby said " put up a sign...sunflowers seeds, FREE !" Arggh ! Any ideas anyone on how to attract the birds ?

I am knitting mitts like crazy in my spare time and i thought these would be good accessories i could include in my etsy shop. I just love knitting and lately, it is all i wish to do. But i know i must work on some more dolls as well. I started making a few, i just need to dive in and work more seriously. When i am deep into my work, my imagination soars and i tend to forget i have to stop and eat. In a few weeks, i will post some pictures of my new dolls and my knitting.

Well, time flies and i must go to the post office.

*** Enjoy your day everyone ***