vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Moving to a new house

My blog is being so awfully neglected and i thought i would drop by and take a short moment to let visitors know i may not be coming as often as i had hoped for. Well, it won't be forever, i plan to give it more time later this fall and i may drop a line here and there in the coming weeks if i can get a free short moment...You see, i just sold my house...YES !!! My husband and I took the decision to move to a new house, even if i still love mine so much. We put a " for sale " sign months ago and had a few visitors, but nothing much was happening lately. I thought i would spend another winter here. But life is always full of surprises...A couple drove by 2 weeks ago, peering at the house. They asked if they could visit and just felt in love. So they made an offer, a very acceptable one and all there is left to do is sign the papers and hand down the keys. We made a conditional offer to another house about a month ago and it is already empty and that is just perfect, as the couple buying our house wish to move before november 1st...Wow !!!
That leaves me little time for packing. I am very excited and a bit sad i must admit. I have so many wonderful memories of my life spend here with my husband and my 3 beautiful girls. I know i will cry when i leave, but i am confident of what the future is offering. And i will have my own studio ! A room to myself ! I can't wait to paint and decorate and make my new place a warm and cozy place to live. So many projects i have in mind... Well, gotta go. I have so much to do... I will try and come back next week. I want to show you my finished kureyon mitts and a hat i have been working on. My knitting is just about the only fun thing i can do when i have a little moment to time for sewing 'til i get to my new house.
Have a great week end everyone !

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Ahama a dit…

Wow, it's a big surprise and a big-big decision. I liked your old house on the photos, but I'm sure, the new one will be better :).
I wish you happiness in it!

blueberries in the fields a dit…

hi there ! oh i know it was a very tough decision, especially that the new house is not old,but i know i can make it look lovely and inviting. Thanks so much for passing by !

Nicola a dit…

Hi Just thought I would drop a note, as I am your Christmas swap partner from French Knots blog. Guess you might not have time to go ahead, but if you could email me your address, I will carry on from this side. There is a link to my email address from my blog.


marit a dit…

How exiting! And scary! And fun!
Good luck with the move:-) Take care.

blueberries in the fields a dit…

oh yes, it is exciting and scary and fun. thnaksMarit for the nice wishes.
take care :)

Anonyme a dit…

Congratulations... busy, exciting times ahead for you. Look forward to hearing from you when you can and seeing your new home.

You will take many memories from your home and make so many more in your new one. Nel x

Anonyme a dit…

Many congratulations with your house sale! Such an exciting time ahead of you!! I know the feeling so well when we moved from England to France almost a year ago. Scary. I hope all will go well!
Hug, annax

blueberries in the fields a dit…

thanks girls for the good wishes... I promiseto showpics of my new home, soon as i can !

Anonyme a dit…

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