jeudi 28 août 2008

Getting ready for Halloween

Now that summer is coming to an end, i must roll up my sleeves and get ready for Halloween ! I just love Halloween, just as much as i do love Christmas. Fall is a wonderful season as nature unfolds her colorful beauty. It is also a special moment to spend with family picnicking and apple and pumpkin picking. I love cooking comfort food and canning vegetables, making relishes, i love decorating my porch with all sorts of pumpkins and i especially love to sew a batch of Halloween witches, pumpkin dolls and the like. I do have some pictures here of things i did already, but my head is overflowing with new ideas and i spent all week sketching, taking notes and foraging in my stash of fabrics and see what can be used for all my projects. I won't tell anything as to what i want to create, but i promise i will post everything as soon as i have some stuff ready to show. Each fall, around thanksgiving ( canadian thanksgiving ) i pack my Halloween newbies and head for Finnigan's flea market. It is quite a fabulous place where many crafters gather and you can find antiques, vintage stuff, home bake goods, fresh and dried flowers and so much more. The atmosphere is really pleasant and i always meet friendly people. It is also a great opportunity to enlarge my clientele. I do hope to work hard and fast enough to put some up for sale on my etsy
I have a few things already, as you can see by the pictures, but i would really, really want to put some of my new creations as well... Only time will tell. As long as i work seriously. I can be a hard worker when things need to be done, the problem is trying to find the time for myself. With a family and a house to care for, sometimes it can get pretty hectic. But in the end, i do get things ready and it is always such a great feeling when you see
So i guess i must end this post right this moment if i want to make the most of my day. Minutes fly and i don't want to lose any more of them...Well, not that i am really losing time here, i just love spending my mornings writing on my blog, reading those i love to visit and finding new ones. I think i could spend a whole day doing that. Well, i promise to treat myself some other time.

Well, 'til nexttime my dear friends, enjoy every minute of your day !

6 commentaires:

marit a dit…

Oooohhh, they're cute!!! When is Thanksgiving in Canada? And do you have Halloween (like in USA?)

Unknown a dit…

Wow! This Halloween stuff is great!! We want more!
So sad that they don't have a real Halloween in Belgium :-(

blueberries in the fields a dit…

thanksgiving is on october 13th this year. Ohyes ! Halloween is very much celebrated, justas in the USA.
THANKS for dropping by girls !

Anonyme a dit…

Looks like a place I would love to be. So much magic and atmosphere. Just lovely!


blueberries in the fields a dit…

thanks Anna forthenice comments. :)

JoAnneBNA a dit…

well this is just too cute! I love the warmth each piece has. very vintage. :-)

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