vendredi 13 juin 2008

Summer days

Summer days are finally here and it feels so good. Yesterday the weather was just perfect and i was driving home with the window down. I was feeling completely happy just by feeling the warmness of the wind and the sweet smell of the fresh cut grass. I live in the countryside and the scenery here never stops to fascinate me. We decided to sell the house because we feel the urge to live in an even more remote area. I want to wake up every morning and see beautiful rolling hills, not collected trash in our neighbour's yard. I am not a hermit, of course, i do enjoy being with people. But i do need my peace and tranquility. My little neighborhood used to be a quiet and pretty place to live in. Unfortunately, over the past years, new people came and things changed. They don't really care for pretty flower beds and cleanliness. Moving away was a hard and painful decision, because i have so many beautiful memories of my life there with my family. But 2 of my daughters left the nest and i feel i am ready for a new beginning.

Sunday is father's day and i decided to offer my little boy hubby a box filled with little surprises. One of them being knitted dishcloth. ( What ?! ) Yep ! He's been asking for some handmades to use at the sailboat. We have a 36 feet Pearson Ketch ( very pretty and comfy ) and we like spending weekends there sailing at the lake and relaxing. Anyway, speaking of knitted dishcloth, i do hope he likes them. The girls at work thought it was a pretty funny gift to offer to a man, but in the end, one even offered to crochet an extra dishcloth for him. I have another one on the needles that is almost finished, so he will have four pretty dishcloths. Spoiled hubby ! I am also working on a decorative pillow ( for the sailboat of course ) and will post some more pictures later for everybody to see. So many things i have been working on this past spring. From knitted socks, to pretty coasters, to sewing lovely dolls, aprons, totes and pincushions. I will try and post all these pretty things i have been working on as soon as possible. In the meantime, i better get on with my day. I have a long list of chores waiting to be done. And that includes cutting the grass. Yuk !
See ya !


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marit a dit…

What a lovely scenery! The garden is beautiful.
I think dishcloths is a very nice gift:-) I wish you both a very happy Father's day!

Unknown a dit…

Sweet dishcloths! Dad is gonna be so happy...what a viril man isn't he? hihihihi ^^

Unknown a dit…

Je t'ai taggée version tag culinaire mom! Va voir mon message du 18 juin pour voir comment ça fonctionne ^^

blueberries in the fields a dit…

to mademoiselleG...weel,you know your dad. he needs the best for his boat and won't settle for cheap store bought dishcloth. :)

blueberries in the fields a dit…

tag culinaire ? Okidoo, i go check right this moment.