vendredi 14 décembre 2007

A new day

I am entering the blogworld, feeling like a child doing his first steps. I hope to make this blog an enjoyable place for people to read and to see the things I create with my hands. Christmas will be a busy period for me. My daughter Genevieve who left home a year ago to study in Brussels, is coming over for christmas and we are all so excited to be able to share this special time of year with her. She was hoping for snow and I think her wish will be more than granted. We had our first storm a couple of weeks ago and we are expecting another storm this coming sunday, the day of her arrival. I am feeling a bit worried, I do hope her plane will not be delayed.

In the meantime, I have to get things ready. There is so much to do, from shopping to cooking to kintting last minute gifts for my loved ones. Tomorrow we are going to cut our christmas tree. This is such a fun tradition we have been doing with the kids. I will take pictures of this memorable day and maybe post some of them in my blog.

'Til then, I do wish you all a happy and safe christmas !

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